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Marble Rituals

Nefeli dumbell

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Nefeli dumbell in white Volakas marble

Work out with style with the Nefeli marble dumbbell, the most stylish of all gym accessories. Made out of the famous Greek white volakas marble, it weighs around 35.2 oz (1 kg) and can be used to sculpt your body for real. If you want to work out in style, why don’t use a marble dumbbell? If you end up not exercising, Nefeli is a sophisticated object to style in your house or it can be used as a paperweight in your studio. The design is luxurious, iconic and timeless. A true functional sculpture, an exquisite object for everyday use. 

The quality is paramount to Marble Rituals brand, which is reflected in the detailed craftsmanship and construction of every piece. A range of good strong marbles is considered and selected to ensure longevity and durability whilst still being aesthetically beautiful and true to the brand’s distinct look and feel. Nefeli dumbell is carved by hand. It has a matt polish finish.

Signed by designer Faye Tsakalides.

Sold individually.


volakas marble


17 W x 7 L x 7 H cm