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Marble Rituals

Maya Square Holder

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Maya square holder in white Dionyssus marble

This elegant toothbrush holder has a a breathtaking appearance. Maya will fit perfectly in your bathroom. It is characterized by a delicate touch and a bold geometric form, featuring 9 holes. Maya holder is more than an ordinary holder. The beautiful marble cube seems massive standing alone, but when you place your toothbrushes, it suddenly becomes a functional piece of Art. Faye Tsakalides wanted to design holders that were capable to stand alone - without anything - being more like a sculpture or piece of art. At the same time, it is versatile. When you place it in your office, it becomes suddenly an excellent pen holder. Perfect to place and decorate your pens.

Handcrafted in pure white Dionyssus marble in the north of Greece, a place famous for its marble quarries, it pays hommage to the famous Greek ancient civilisation, Acropolis & Parthenon. White Dionyssus marble is a metamorphic rock that morphs from limestone under extreme heat and pressure deep with the earth. It also contains dolomite along with limestone which gives it different colors and tones.The tradition of marble curving & sculpture that draws back thousands of years ago with the famous greek sculptors Phydias & Praxitelis is still live today. =Maya square holder carved by hand conveys a feel of modernity while presenting the luxury gathered by nature and enhanced by human interpretation. Matt polish finish. Signed by makers & designer Faye Tsakalides


Dionnysus marble