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B-Fora "Klein"

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Not just an "A-nfora", it's a "B-fora"!

The beauty and harmony of Greek art meet the canonical female body of Kim Kardashian, and finally, the B-side is revealed! These vases represents both a stylistic elements of furniture for the homes and a tribute to the female world.

This B-fora has been colored with the official Yves Klein “Velvet Matte” blue developed by Ressource with the support of the Yves Klein Archives. This extremely bright blue is as beautiful as it is delicate.

MATERIAL : Clay, unglazed on the outside, glazed on the inside. Matt finish outside.

SIZE : 165 x 120 x h.350 mm

WEIGHT : gr 1200

Every piece is unique so every object that you order could be slightly different from the picture, but still lovely. The ceramic pot is suitable to accommodate and contain flowers and liquids inside. 

To keep the color unchanged is recommended to avoid washing the product and touch it too much. We know the shapes are tempting, be strong.