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Marble Rituals

Aesop Mirror

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Aesop mirror in white Volakas marble

Bring a touch of natural elegance and sophistication to your home décor with Aesop mirror. It resets in a round minimalist marble base and is ideal for any room or corner. Bring the luxurious look of a fine hotel to your unique interiors. The mirror is also suitable for your bathroom and can work also great as eye-catching art piece in your family room. It is a functional object and piece of decoration as well, reflecting the environment and light where you place it. A perfect gift idea for special occasions. Marble is a natural product, a relic of the earth with unique veined characteristics. The design is iconic and made to last a lifetime; a heroic beautiful object for everyday use.

The quality is paramount to Marble Rituals brand, which is reflected in the craftsmanship and construction of the pieces. A range of good strong marbles is considered and selected to ensure longevity and durability whilst still being aesthetically beautiful and true to the brand’s distinct look and feel. Aesop mirror is carved by hand. It has a matt polish finish. Signed by maker & designer Faye Tsakalides.


Volakas marble/mirror


27 W x 29 L x 6 H cm