London Design Festival 2020

A look into Modern Art Hire’s “One in One out” showing at the London Design Festival 2020.
By Megan McClelland
A room lies in the city of London where organic, neutral materials rendered in abstract shapes sit on display and interact against greyish blue walls kissed by natural sunlight. If you find an interior design like this to be enticing, then you should book an appointment to visit the display at Modern Art Hire gallery in East London. M.A.H. is a small-sized and sustainably-minded hub for artisanal pieces that exhibited a collection appropriately named “One in One out” during the London Design Festival 2020 that will still be on show via appointments for a limited amount of time. Modern Art Hire is the genius of Laura Fulmine, a London-based interior stylist and creative director, who founded the gallery 2019. Fulmine's background in interior design and creative direction explains why the one-room studio looks like a work of art in and of itself (even on the days it’s not featured in London Design Festival). Never endingly reposted and repinned, M.A.H. has achieved recognition for its perennially cool decorating scheme and services.
The artists featured in Modern Art Hire's “One in One Out” show during London Design Festival 2020 show were Abid Javed, Virginie Hucher, Tiffany Bouelle, Daniel Reynolds, Adriana Jaros, Noe Kuremoto, The Clay Assemblage, Dust & Form, and Tmpl Studio. Each of the gallery's featured artists is reputable in their own right, from having shown their work at The Somerset House to studying their craft at training workshops and art schools, like Central Saint Martins. The artists are from different corners of the world, and have varying backgrounds that influence their artwork, ranging from molecular biology to architecture.
The primary function of Modern Art Hire is to rent, distribute, and dress homes and editorial shoots with inspirational art pieces. Although the gallery elevates a space's commercial value, the art pieces on display for “One in Out out” are ultimately anything but commercial fodder. Much of the artwork featured is personal and imbued with meaning. When placed in a room, they inspire those who come across them. An example of this is the work by the ceramic sculpture Noe Kuremoto. Her single flower vase "Ichirin Zashi" was designed with her belief that the universe's secrets exist within nature. According to her biography for M.A.H., "Ichirin Zashi" was designed with the intention to welcome "the spirit of nature" into every room it’s placed in. The artwork also reflects her yearning to cultivate meaningful relationships with the earth through art. Commercially, many viewers of the rooms Modern Art Hire have dressed have taken note of the artwork's role in a space and have found it to be inseparable from the space's value - as evidenced by many people purchasing M.A.H.'s pieces along with the homes.
Keeping artwork in our living spaces has become particularly important, as many of us faced and continue facing the challenge of bringing more beauty into our lives while staying home for increased periods. Interior design trends, like the gallery wall, have emerged from this period underscored by the stay-at-home measure and have been popularised on platforms like Instagram and magazines like World of Interiors, AD, Wallpaper*. This style is achieved by deciding on an accent wall for your living space and then mounting framed artwork of different proportions upon it. It is ideal for personalizing your living space through the different types of frames and images you put on display, which could be anything from film posters to the abstract paintings of Virginie Hucher found at “One in One out.” The gallery wall trend runs alongside the notion that people will stop filling their homes with bulk, commercial items and invest in meaningful pieces based on the increased perceived value of one's living space, contingent on the extended time spent there. The gallery wall's beauty is that it adds personality to your house and cultivates the aesthetic you want to be reflected in your living space, whether that be muted and modernist like M.A.H. or a maximalist design suitable for Iris Apfel. Whatever your style may be, you can discover the new art prints now on interiahysteria for your home or to pin alongside M.A.H. on your interior design inspo-board.